Allvac® AV7000H Hydro Excavator on UD Quon 420 6×4

This 6×4 hydro excavator is very compact whilst still able to maximise a large capacity spoil tank, a vacuum pump that is capable of 94% deep vacuum allowing heavy slurries and debris to be loaded quickly, safely and efficiently. 

The Allvac® AV7000H is ideal for:

  • Environmental cleanup
  • Sign and pole installation
  • Keyholing or utility microsurgery
  • Potholing
  • Utility locating
  • Micro trenching
  • General construction site cleanup
  • Stormwater drain, pits and box cleanout
  • Clean up drill fluid

The Allvac® AV7000H has a 7,000 litre spoil and 2,000 litre freshwater tanks. We use the new generation helical tri-lobe vacuum blower that we operate on a variable speed hydraulic system allowing the operator to dial up the correct rpm of the pump for the application. This USA built NVE-1600 deep vacuum (94%) pump can operate between 14,150L/min (500CFM) all the way through to a massive 45,300L/min (1,600CFM), so will handle all your hydro excavation needs but can also perform other deep vacuum duties such as deep pump station wells or heavy slurries.  

The Italian made overhead suction boom is operated by a radio remote control handset and has a corded pendant as a backup should it be needed. The Boom can be fitted with 100mm, 125mm & 150mm suction hose.  

This unit can be spec’d with an overload protection system to ensure your operators remain legal while traveling on public roads. With an in cab display connecting to a mobile phone app, the load weights can be sent to the office for administration purposes.  

Mounted on a UD Quon 420 or 460HP 6×4 chassis with an auto shifting 12 speed transmission and integrated engine retarder, this is a very impressive unit with towing options. Alloy wheel upgrades and an Ali Arc 12mm heavy duty front bumper for extra protection can be optioned. 

Additional information

Tank Type


Tank Material


Tank Size

7,000 litre spoil, 2,000 litre freshwater

Rear Tank Door

Hoist & hydraulic full rear opening door

Vacuum Pump


Overhead Suction Boom

Fitted with 125mm hose

Trailer Gear

Option: 40mm ringfeeder

DG Placard Holders

Option: Removable DG signage

Water Tank & Pressure Cleaner

21lpm, 5,000psi/345bar

Overload Monitoring System

Option: Load scales with phone app integration

Remote Control Handset

Remote controller to operate suction boom

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