Quicklift® QL250-3 Compact Crane

Packing a big punch for its class, the Quicklift® 250-3 range is the preferred choice for many light truck and seed drill operators and very popular on small work boats. The crane’s powerful and smooth operation allows you to get the job done safely and efficiently.


Quicklift cranes have a compact foot print and the ultra compact stowing position and optional base frame (designed to be hidden under the deck) enable you to optimize space use around the crane. This makes Quicklift a great add-on for light trucks, utes, agricultural equipment trailers, plus much more.

Quicklift cranes have:

  • A modular installation system
  • Extensive accessory options, such as radio control, winch options, marine paint finish and pallet forks. You'll find these under our Compact Crane Accessories section
  • Option of horizontal reach up to 5.1m with the QL250-3+1.

The crane can be powered by your choice of power pack, choose 12 or 24 Volt battery, petrol power pack or PTO/ Pump.

Crane Details

The QL250-3 lifts 1800kg and comes with 3 extensions giving you a max hydraulic reach of 4.1mand lift of 515kg.

This is the ideal model for applications where reach is critical to lift out or over objects, like loading or unloading a trailer.

With an impressive model line-up and a number of installation options you can customize a package to suit your specific lifting requirements and vehicle.

This crane is available ex-stock.


3 year warranty for structural parts (base column and boom) and 12 months for all other components


Price listed includes crane, valve bank and cover.

We have various valve bank upgrade options available, please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can provide a detailed quote.

Not Included

If you require a marine paint finish or a winch these can be supplied as part of your package at additional cost.

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