Truck of the month: Donghae DHT120 on an Isuzu FSS550 4×4

Oct 3, 2023

This month we are celebrating Unisons Donghae DHT120 on an Isuzu FSS550 4×4 built by Waimea Group.

Unison networks worked with our team to develop this unit to specifically suit their needs for their day to day job they worked through creating the perfect turnkey build from order through to delivering a fit for purpose specialist truck that immediately was able to get to work in their business.

Unison Networks owns, designs, manages, and operates the electricity network that serves the Hawkes Bay, Taupo and Rotorua Region. The Network spans almost 9,000km and supplies over 110,000 connected customers with approximately 1,590 GWh of electricity per annum, making Unison one of the larger electricity distribution businesses in New Zealand. We are proud to be part of their success story through providing specialist equipment with zero vehicle downtime, enabling Unison to do their job safely and efficiently!

Insulated bucket trucks are a vital tool for the power utility industry. It enables workers to access elevated locations safely, install powerlines, perform maintenance, and respond to emergencies while minimizing the risk of electrical accidents.

Our EWP’s are specifically designed for working on or around the electricity network in New Zealand and can be customised to meet your specific application If you are interested in finding out about one of these units or a similar build speak to our specialist Gareth Deck or give him a call on 0800 60 60 61.