The world’s first ever fully electric, universal, power take-off unit that eliminates the need for idling by utility trucks!

This plug and play box will supply easy to access auxiliary power to your truck mounted EWP with minimal installation time. The SmartPTO will allow your trucks to operate the boom without having to idle the engine – thereby saving you diesel and maintenance costs plus reducing harmful emissions. For a  medium sized bucket truck operating the boom between 3.5 to 5 hours a day, using a SmartPTO will eliminate all that idling saving approximately 5000-6000 litres of fuel annually. The telematics supplied with the unit provide live feedback on CO2 savings.

Why you should consider investing in SmartPTO:

These units will pay for themselves with fuel, repair and maintenance cost reduction. Ask us for a calculation to be done for you.

Without the loud noise of an idling engine, SmartPTO makes work safer and more efficient. Operators love it, especially for late night urban work.

No idling on site, reduce harmful emissions and carbon footprint – helping you achieve your CO2 reduction goals!

These units are so quiet, which is a real plus working at night. It’s now easy for the person in the bucket to communicate with other crew members on the ground.

The new SmartPTO provides clean, rechargeable battery power for the boom – eliminating the need to leave the truck idling, saving fuel, reducing harmful emissions and noise, and lowering costs. The SmartPTO can be installed on most new and exisiting bucket trucks providing immediate benefits and savings for operators, fleet mangers and communities alike!

  • Works with any bucket truck
  • Light integration, easy install, easy transfer
  • Sized for 100% of an average day’s work
  • Data analytics service delivers insights that produce real world value
  • $60K – 90K lifetime savings per truck
  • Lineman will prefer SmartPTO to any other system available


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