Our journey in Power & Energy

Our Journey
In Power Utilities

We’ve been supporting network owners and contractors to ‘keep the lights on’ in New Zealand for over 15 years.

We understand the pressure on networks to achieve quality standards set by the Commerce Commission and reduce line outages. A significant factor to meeting the standards is reliability and availability of specialist equipment to maintain the lines, streetlights and other utility services that power and connect our islands.

Our Ecosystem of Support provides complete cover and productivity through a range of truck mounted specialist equipment. This unique model means we can support with brand new equipment, long term lease, hire for those short-term intensive shut-downs that require additional equipment or used equipment for those with budget constraints. All the time, we are striving towards zero vehicle downtime through proactive and preventative maintenance.

As operating the largest fleet of dedicated line power equipment in New Zealand we are humbled by our responsibility to thousands of Kiwis. Our partnerships with 85% of the networks across the country gives us intimate knowledge of what is happening in this industry and our team is constantly working on new products to meet the demands. Rest assured, we have your back in developing safer, more cost effective and environmentally sustainable means of maintaining power distribution across our country.

Reach out to our specialist vehicle consultant Gareth to take you through our process of ensuring we provide fit for purpose equipment in your business to improve your productivity tomorrow.

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Our 365 Performance Plan is a key pillar on which we build our vision of zero vehicle downtime. A proactive maintenance plan gives reassurance around optimizing your fleet’s performance right through each products life, delivered in a proactive, preventative plan that involves specialist technician’s regular attention to your fleet investment. Read more about our 365 Performance Plan here.

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