Our journey with Road & Traffic contractors

Our journey with
Road & Traffic contractors

For over 23 years we have been supporting contractors in developing and maintaining our road infrastructure with specialist truck mounted equipment.

We understand the pressure on contractors to find safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to maintain the core services and road infrastructure that we perhaps take for granted every day.

Our specialist vehicles provide safety and protection to people using and working on roads including signals, signage, barrier systems, cameras and utility services.

With the current day level of H&S and compliance expected of contractors, we realise you need to focus on the work site and your people and you just need to rely on your specialist equipment to perform. Our role is to take care of all aspects of a build and make the equipment available exactly when you need it through rental, lease, rent-to-buy or outright purchase.

Our range of traffic management trucks, bucket trucks, EWPs and crane trucks are all developed as turnkey build solutions with designs that guarantee fit for purpose functionality and ongoing lifecycle service support.

Reach out to our Specialist Vehicle Consultant, Jeremy Thomas to take you through our process and improve your productivity tomorrow.

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We have dedicated team members who are willing to assist you in making a purchase of any of our Road & Traffic products. We look forward to hearing from you and allow us to take you through our trusted process to determine the best solution for your application.


Product Range

Our product range provides safety and protection for people using, working, and constructing roads; including signals, signage and barrier systems.

Isuzu NPR425L AMT 4x2 with Quicklift QL350-4

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