Introducing Electric ePTO SmartPTO

Introducing Smart PTO

The worlds first ever fully electric PTO, universal, power takeoff unit that eliminates the need for idling by utility trucks. This ePTO will supply easy to access auxiliary power in just a two day installation time.


How ePTO SmartPTO works

A power take-off or P.T.O. is one of several methods for taking power from a vehicle’s running engine and transmitting it to an auxiliary application, like the hydraulics for an EWP / bucket truck. These units most commonly transfer energy via the spinning drive shaft of the vehicle they serve, so in order to operate the bucket, a utility truck’s engine will remain idle to supply power to the arm. This accounts for literally millions of hours of idling worldwide, every day.

ePTO SmartPTO is an electric power take-off unit that is simple to install, cost-effective and unintrusive. It uses batteries to supply power to the EWP to eliminate idling during operation. After an easy installation and simply connecting the unit to the hydraulic system, your bucket truck will be transformed – eliminating the huge toll idling takes on the environment and your finances.

Benefits of SmartPTO

Fully Electric

Idling Eliminated

Save Fuel

~7,154 litres Annually

Save Maintenance

No idling, no maintenance

Go Green

Reduced Emission Rating

Quiet & Safe

~85% Noise Reduction

Smart PTO Brochure

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Team benefits of electrification

Fleet Manager

Safety For Operators

Without the loud noise of an idling engine, SmartPTO makes work safer and more efficient. Operators love it.

“I can finally hear what my partner is saying, and the unit performs just as well as the normal PTO.”

Reports For Managers

Data from units in the field is compiled into regular reports, outlining information that allows fleet managers to conceptualize and communicate savings and usage.

“I am able to monitor how well the units are doing in terms of savings, emissions reduction, and more.”

Results For Executives

When executives make the decision to implement SmartPTO they create savings while lowering their carbon footprint, creating grant eligibility and more.

“The savings that we are seeing with SmartPTO are tremendous, and we are proud to be taking the environmental initiative.”

Telematics Statistics from January to October of 2019

872 Hours

Idling Eliminated

6,268 litres

Diesel Saved

37,079 lbs

CO2 Avoided


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