Our journey in
Field Service

Our journey in
Field Service

We’ve been passionate in our support of those operating in mechanical field servicing since 2006. Our portfolio of products have been refined and developed into turnkey build solutions.

Whether its just a compact crane, toolboxes or a turnkey build available through a rent or lease model, we are here to provide a solution that enables you to maximize your opportunities and return on investment.

Our portfolio of products focused specifically on ‘service in the field’ have been refined and developed over a number of years. We understand that this investment is second only to your ‘time’ as the most significant part of your ability to earn and the equipment must be tough, durable and supported long term.

Our Quicklift cranes and Duravault toolboxes can be retro-fitted to existing vehicles or supplied as turnkey solutions on new vehicles – our time serving operators in this industry has enabled us to develop turnkey build solutions that mean all risk is removed in setting up a dedicated service support vehicle.
If the capital investment is too significant for you now, don’t let that stop your ability to earn. Our ecosystem of support enables you to access this type of specialist vehicle through a rental or lease model with the option to trade your way into asset ownership.

Reach out to our industry advisor Jeremy Thomas to take you through our process of ensuring we provide fit for purpose unit.


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We have dedicated team members who are willing to assist you in making a purchase of any of our Field Service products. We look forward to hearing from you and allow us to take you through our trusted process to determine the best solution for your application.


Product Range

Our compact cranes are made in Italy and are the result of our own design developments and many years’ experience. Quicklift compact cranes can be fitted to utes, small trucks or utility vehicles and are complimented with our Duravault range of toolboxes, outrigger pads and accessories.
Isuzu NPR425L AMT 4x2 with Quicklift QL350-4

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