Case Study

CST Group

Ross Brewer & Barry Brewer’s Story

CST Group have been servicing the Waikato Region for over 20 years and during this time it’s been a pleasure to grow our relationship with them through providing the reliable equipment and after sales support they need to get the job done! CST Group consists of three divisions, liquid waste, industrial waste and drinking water deliveries. They have a highly experienced team of service technicians that are well trained to provide exceptional service with their fleet supplied by Waimea group.  

The Challenge

One of CST Groups challenges was the need for reliable consistent gear that wasn’t going to break down on the job. CST are a company that is proud to be A grade players, but they were struggling to find the fleet they needed through dealing with several designers, builders, and engineers, this resulted in CST getting a different build design every time. Not being able to get a consistent design meant that reliability was uncertain, and CST Group rely on their equipment, completing the job every day. 

The Solution

When looking around for trusted, consistent equipment CST Group found Waimea Group, they got in touch with Maska Lewis who worked with CST to develop a solution through providing options, finance packages and support.  

Once CST got in touch with Waimea, they didn’t have to look for anything else. Their equipment was designed, tested, and built to meet their requirements, this saved them a lot of time and meant they could focus on the day-to-day running of the business.  

Uptime is very important for CST Group and working with Waimea Group to meet their fleet requirements has meant they have been supported by 

our team for the life of their equipment, their jobs cover a wide area so they require reliable gear that isn’t going to break down on the job and if an issue does arise, they can simply call Waimea and the problem will be sorted through our customer service team ensuring ‘zero vehicle downtime’.  

Here at Waimea Group, we deliver on what we say we will which means CST Group can now plan forward for the growth of their business, they can book out a slot for a new truck build and can trust they will receive it when the delivery date was planned allowing them to keep on track with their contracts.  

With Waimea we are dealing with a great team they are helpful, happy and they get stuff done

Final Result

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