Case Study


Steve Wilkes & Stephen Gibbons Story

We are always excited to work with Delta who are contractor specialists in essential energy and environmental infrastructure with bases throughout the South Island. With over 600 skilled professionals, 300+ fleet assets and services that span power distribution construction, maintenance, metering and green spaces maintenance, their teams are working through all hours and in all types of weather events to maintain power networks and keep the lights on across the South Island, and Waimea have helped Delta reach this goal by delivering top quality equipment that is fit for purpose.

The Challenge

Delta’s challenge was that their network is spread over a wide geographical area and with that their fleet requirements are demanding and quite varied depending on the location and project they are working on. In recent years, Covid had a significant effect on the supply chain making it increasingly difficult to secure specialist equipment that Delta required to meet their customer demands.

The Solution

Maintaining essential services for the communities in which they work relies on the strength of their own partnerships. Through a long standing and trusted partnership with Waimea Group for at least 12 years, Waimea Group was able to understand their fleet operations and forecast ahead of time their future fleet needs.

Aligning Delta’s needs along with other operators in the market enables Waimea Group to make speculative commitments on turnkey builds that are fit for purpose and arrive ‘work ready’. If capex is available, our rental fleet has provided cover and support so Delta’s field operations could utilize the equipment until funding was established. Together we have worked together to reduce downtime and keep essential services operating in the community.

“ They deliver top quality equipment that is fit for purpose, a pleasure to work with. “

Final Result

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