Did You Know That 40% of Unplanned Downtime Is Due To Operator Error? Waimea Group delivers specialist training to Asplundh

Jun 29, 2021

As part of the purchase of any new build or improvement to an existing unit, we offer training to the operators to familiarise them with the functionality of the EWP and bin operations using best practice and prioritising safety. 

We recently held a successful training session for the Asplundh team at their HQ in Palmerston North, introducing them to their new VersaliftVO255 Arborist unit on a Hino 500, and most importantly, how to safely use it avoiding potential risks such as unstable unit set-up, incorrect aggressive maneuvering operations, and correct bin emptying procedures avoiding bin contact with booms. 

Our training explains the importance of following company PPE policies, pre-vehicle checks including certifications before leaving the yard, and set up procedures and operation procedures outlining all the functions of the levers and the correct use of them from both the upper and lower control stations. We cover emergency retrieval with both operator incapacitated and impaired vehicle situations. And with this vehicle, bin emptying procedures.” – Craig, Waimea Group 

The operator will then ‘fly’ the EWP in turn, to show competency and understanding, and will ask any questions on matters that they are unsure of. Once all of this is covered off we will explain the stowing procedure before travel. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our training and build designs, so we always ask our customers for feedback including how they found the operation of the EWP, what are their likes and dislikes and how/what they would like to see added or changed for improvements. “We had very positive feedback from all the Asplundh operators and the fleet manager, Rudolf, in regards to the quality, layout and operations.” – Craig, Waimea 


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