Let’s Talk Turnkey: 3 Smart Ways to Grow Your Business

Jun 30, 2021

Do we admit to the flawed reasoning that it’s cheaper to ‘do it ourselves’?

Let’s unpack why a turnkey build – a finished truck that is ready to work and generate immediate income – actually removes risk, increases earnings, and keeps cash flowing. Here’s why:

For years traditional sucker truck operators have been doing 7-til-5 at the coalface. The afterhours and weekends are for that ‘new truck’ that has been slowly – ever so slowly – taking shape in the shed. Or in many cases, running off to the local engineering shop to check over the days progress with the guys that build only one of these a year, with no industry experience. Your daily inspection finds that they have put some item in the wrong place and it has to be ground off and rewelded. It’s your design and your risk…you know the drill.

You knew you needed the truck when you made the decision to invest: The existing truck is tired, the tank could implode and it’s a COF away from major repairs. However, work is only getting busier and the ‘new’ truck a year on is still only half built. Even when it’s complete you’re not sure how it’s going to weigh up. In the back of your mind you’re already thinking about the difficult conversation approaching with the missus’ who agreed to let the dollar go. Sound familiar?

Getting Smarter Three-Fold:



Vacuum trucks – or sucker trucks as we commonly refer to them – are a specialist truck that regardless of the organization size, are a substantial investment. When making significant investments, we all need to mitigate risk. A turnkey build is an accumulation of experience and best practice in a design that has been tried and tested in action. This means your investment is not only safe but guaranteed to work. Along with your money being safe, a turnkey build solution means all legal responsibility of design, compliance, final weight calculations and commissioning is entirely removed.



A turnkey build means the burden of completion is on others. You focus on your business, your priorities, and your customers so your business gets quality time from you while your new asset is coming together. When the rubber hits the road, it has not taken a minute of your time from the point you decided to proceed.


Ultimately, your investment is there is generate a return. A return financially is looked at over a period of time, usually a year. The cost therefore of a build coming together very slowly over a long period of time means you have funds tied up and you’re getting no return on investment, nor your time. Conversely, a turnkey build arrives on an agreed date and from the point of the major payment it is immediately earning.

Once the truck is finished, if it has been build without market leading knowledge and design in terms of pump design, capacity and operator ergonomics, that inefficiency is there for life. A turnkey build means an asset is guaranteed to deliver optimum performance and productivity from the moment you take delivery.

Once the truck hits the road it’s generating income and the ability to perform fast than any other asset on your fleet. This generates cashflow for your business immediately without downtime. The cost of a vehicle coming off the road or not able to carry what your originally wanted due to overloaded axles is a significant impact on cashflow.


Our view is that business today is about speed of service, customer focus and effectiveness. Customers don’t pay for wasted time. In an increasingly competitive environment, we must stand out as different and this can only be achieved by being customer centric. Turnkey builds help you remain focused on the things that matter, the positive difference you make to your customers operations while the tool that takes your business to the next level is being crafted for you.

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