On Time & On Spec: Nelson Marlborough Waste’s New Tanker

Jun 3, 2021

Nelson Marlborough Waste have been a long-standing customer for 12 years. Nelson Marlborough Waste (NMW) are the region’s leading Liquid Waste Management company, keeping local homes, businesses and public places clean and safe. They specialise in removing liquid waste and industrial sludges from septic tanks, grease traps, and sumps, along with handling hazardous and non-hazardous substances, oil and hydrocarbon waste. 

Operating in such a highly regulated industry requires all their truck units and equipment meet stringent NZ regulations,  a key reason why NMW came to Waimea as a specialist in Vacuum and Hydro Excavation turnkey builds and customisations.  

Nelson Marlborough Waste’s requirements were to upgrade their existing units with the most up to date technology in vacuum tanks, vacuum pumps and components. This Allvac 3.1A Flammable Waste Tanker on UD Quan 390HP chassis has full flammable specification. It has a 7,000 litre waste tank with hoist & full opening door. It can suck flammable liquids such as spend hydrocarbons and forecourt interceptors, with the ability to pressurise as well as vacuum. It has electrical isolation for rollover protection and tank pressurisation systems that safeguard the vacuum unit from being able to operate the rear door if pressure is detected. 

 “The process was relatively painless, we decided that we needed a truck to enable us to get to the next level in our business in terms of health and safety and the jobs that we would be targeting and a Class 3A truck fitted that scope of work that we were hoping to target. We discussed with Maska various options and found a truck that was in our budget and fit the scope of work that we were hoping to target.  

Nelson Marlborough Waste has had a long-standing history with Maska and we have become quite accustomed to the product that Maska has available and this has enabled us to grow our business with the support of Maska and his expertise. Once we’d decided on a package, it was a fairly seamless process, moved quite smoothly, we had contact with Maska maybe 3 or 4 times and then before you know it, the truck was ready for us to be picked up and ahead of schedule.” 

The nature of our business is all liquid waste and to be compliant and enable us to deal with any and all liquids, both hazardous and non-hazardous and flammable, there was a need for us to upscale our equipment and get the best possible truck on the market to perform that safely for our operators and also for our customers.” – Malcolm Furness, Nelson Marlborough Waste 

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