Allvac® AV10000F Class 3A Flammable Vacuum Tanker on UD Quon GW32-460 8×4

The specialised Allvac® AV10000F is equipped with a 10,000-litre stainless steel tank. It has been designed for the removal of all class 6 (infectious substance), class 8 (Corrosive), class 9 (miscellaneous DG) & class 3A (spent hydrocarbons) and is complaint to HSNOCOP 6 04/2014 Flammable Liquid Tankwagons Ver2.1 April 2014.

The Allvac® AV10000F is supplied with certifications and specific tank venting and vacuum pump applications to allow it to carry out flammable vacuuming. A 600L water tank is also included operating a 15L/min water pressure pump running at 200bar for easy cleaning of equipment and additional water when no other source is available.

The design incorporates roll over protection and sensors, DG vertical exhaust system with spark arrestor and a rear opening door for ease of cleaning. We also carry out the 3 monthly service checks to keep the unit complaint.


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