Kaiser 2000i


Key features

•   Intake-press junction
•   Pump body made of aluminium
•   Hydraulic motor
•   Intercooler connection


As early as the mid-1980s, KAISER developed the first water ring pump in a light construction for mobile applications. In the KWP housing, an eccentric rotor produces a ring of water using centrifugal power. Volume changes in the rotor chambers ensure that air is sucked in and compressed. This construction type features high resistance to dirt particles and is ideally suited to vacuuming wet and dry media. The contact-free rotor ensures extremely quiet running and a long life cycle. The KWP causes no contamination of the pump exhaust air by lubricants and oils. The oil-bath bearings require no maintenance.


The light construction increases the vehicle’s useful load. The integrated intercooler system ensures a consistently low temperature budget for the service water. Even in the case of high exterior temperatures, continuous operation is possible and even extended vacuuming jobs in the end vacuum range result in no overheating of the KWP.


By building the KWP into the fresh water chamber, additional natural cooling, frost protection via water insulation and reinforced sound insulation are achieved. The short suction lines to the sludge tank ensure an optimum degree of efficiency. This construction type also permits vacuum / pressure operation when tilted.


Maximum air flow in m3 /h: 2,000
Maximum air flow in CFM: 1,178
Maximum vacuum rate in % (in Hg): 90 (26.6)
Maximum pressure in bar (PSI): 1 (14.5)
Weight in kg (lb): 180 (397)

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