Slingco Pole Puller

Slingco’s pole puller is a must have to comply with today’s safe working practices, reducing the potential for boom damage and greatly reducing the potential of personal injury.

The pole puller is easily assembled and disassembled and is composed of six pieces. These configurations make the Slingco pole puller easy to handle and lighter weight than typical units on the market.

The Slingco Deluxe pole puller system includes the pole puller pad and back plate weldment. The pole puller pad has studs which keep the base plate in the optimum position when pulling poles. The back plate weldment has angled teeth to increase hold on the pole during extraction.

Slingco’s pole puller offers a low point of attachment making it easy to remove even broken or cut poles.



  • Reduces boom damage and maintenance cost resulting from pulling poles
  • Dramatically increases productivity and cuts time.
  • Lifting capacity of 22,734kg
  • Hook assembly manufactured with all stainless steel components
  • Base plate has the lowest possible centre of gravity, minimizing tipping
  • Alloy chain is proof-tested for durability and strength
  • Low point of attachment allows chain and backplate to grip cut poles up to 14″/ 35.5cm from the ground


Pole Puller Assembly includes:

  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Base plate
  • Back plate
  • Swivel chain hook assembly
  • 6ft Alloy chain
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Deluxe Pole Puller System 

  • Max operating pressure: 2,800 PSI
  • Recommended flow rate: 4-8 GPM
  • Lift at max pressure: 22,734 kg
  • System total weight: 71.2kg