Truck Master 600


An ideal liquid ring pump for city vacuum trucks collecting waste in narrow neighbourhood and congested town centres.

Samson’s Truck Master 600 is quiet and very easy to maintain. It’s suited for city vacuum trucks, vacuum combination tankers, grease trap tankers, and truck jets.

Designed to deliver years of reliable performance with smaller dimensions to handle urban areas and narrow neighborhood streets. The compact design reduces the pump’s weight and makes it easy to install on all types of trucks and combination tankers. It operates quietly, producing low noise pollution, which makes it suitable for city jobs.

It has a max. vacuum of 85%, max pressure of 1,0 bar(g) and a max. capacity of 600 m3/h.

Key features

  • Optimum HPR rotor, full welded, stainless steel, and specially designed by Samson for pumps mounted on vacuum trucks
  • Compact design
  • Lighter weight
  • Quiet
  • Easy maintenance
  • Drive it into tight spots, narrow streets and smaller neighbourhoods
  • Oil resistant gasket


  • City sewage operations
  • Grease trap services
  • Drainage cleaning services
  • Unblocking of drainage systems


  • Bearing cover: Cast iron EN-GJL-250, EN 1561
  • Radical shaft seal: Rubber, NBR, DIN 3760A
  • Paper gasket: Paper
  • Bearing housing: Cast iron EN-GJL-250, EN 1561
  • Mechanical shaft seal: NBR / AISI 316 / Carbon
  • Pump housing: Cast iron EN-GJL-250, EN 1561
  • Flow plate: Cast iron EN-GJL-250, EN 1561
  • Flow plate (ex model): Bronze CC480K, EN 1982
  • Rubber gasket: Rubber, NBR
  • Shell: Cast iron EN-GJL-250, EN 1561
  • Rotor: Stainless Steel


m3/h kW Nm
1800 RPM 604 18 93
1700 RPM 572 15 84
1600 RPM 527 13 78
1500 RPM 436 10 64


m3/h kW Nm
1800 RPM 445 28 149
1700 RPM 402 26 146
1600 RPM 384 23 137
1500 RPM 376 22 140
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