Team Spotlight: Meet Maska

Jun 25, 2021

In January 2021, Waimea Group expanded, acquiring Allflow’s vacuum tanker business and brought over long-time industry expert Maska Lewis to join our team. As an expert in wastewater, liquid waste and hydro excavation requirements, he brings with him 30 years of experience, and a strong industry network. 

Having grown up alongside the industry, after his father Alastair Lewis purchased his first vacuum tanker in 1977, the father son duo developed and acquired various liquid waste solutions for NZ including industrial/commercial wastewater treatment systems, vacuum tanker equipment and hydro excavation. Maska could see there were huge opportunities to grow this industry with Waimea’s established heavy machinery, vehicle and equipment business. 

 “With the importance of safe liquid waste removal and simplifying processes through vacuum and hydro excavation, I’m motivated being at the helm of influencing technological advances to continue driving NZ to the next level, with our country’s environmental and economic goals.” – Maska Lewis 

Maska’s current vision with Waimea is to expand the ‘Turn Key’ new builds and expand the rental fleet including Vacuum Tanker and Hydro Excavation units. He has already worked many NZ businesses including SepClean which now operates under Nelson Marlborough Waste banner, a long-term customer of 12 years, who praise Maska for his industry knowledge and customized approach for every business. 

 Nelson Marlborough Waste has had a long-standing history with Maska and we have become quite accustomed to the product that Maska has available and this has enabled us to grow our business with the support of Maska and his expertise. Once we’d decided on a package, it was a fairly seamless process, moved quite smoothly, we had contact with Maska maybe 3 or 4 times and then before you know it, the truck was ready for us to be picked up and ahead of schedule.” – Malcolm Furness, Nelson Marlborough Waste 


Get in touch with Maska Lewis for all hydro excavation and liquid waste queries