Truck of the month: Donghae DHT120 on NPS450 4×4

Nov 24, 2023

Sometimes smaller is better… our November’s truck of the month the DHT120 on NPS450 4×4 demonstrated this during field testing. This unit is known as the agile performer as it has superior performance on all terrain even rough off road surfaces, it is a compact truck allowing it to get into tight spaces easily which is ideal for a wide range of urban applications from streetlighting and low level line work to tree trimming around lines.

We built this new Donghae insulated EWP for Electra in Levin. Electra was founded in 1922 and is the sole provider for electricity throughout the Horowhenua and Kapiti Coast regions of New Zealand. Electra pride themselves on their core values of safety, respect, professional, accountability and integrity. We are always happy to supply our reliable units into the Electra fleet helping them to continue to deliver safe, reliable, affordable power throughout New Zealand.

Check out the photos below which show the difference in size between the DHT120 on NPS450 4×4 and the full size DHT150AS on FTS800 4×4.

For more information around the builds we can supply contact Gareth Deck on 0800 60 60 61.