Truck of the month: Ventia’s Fleet Partnership

Feb 28, 2024

At Waimea Group, we believe in strong partnerships with our customers so they can safely maintain lifeline services for the community. Therefore, for February’s Truck of the Month, we decided to take a different approach by highlighting our collaboration with a long-standing customer, Ventia.  

Ventia is one of the largest essential services providers in Australia and New Zealand, with a combined workforce of more than 35,000 people operating in over 400 sites. Ventia is a critical part of our community, maintaining public and private assets across a broad range of industry segments, ranging from telecommunications and utilities to water, energy, and social infrastructure. Their dedication to delivering high-quality services aligns perfectly with our mission at Waimea to design and build Specialist Utility Vehicles that are reliable to meet the needs of our customers, helping to achieve zero vehicle downtime within the utilities sector.  

Through our partnership with Ventia, we’ve had the opportunity to provide a wide range of Waimea-built Specialist Utility Vehicles tailored to their specific requirements. From Lines Crane Trucks to Hydro Excavation units, each vehicle is designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability in the field.  

Our relationship and the units we supply play a crucial role in Ventia’s operations, enabling them to carry out essential tasks efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s maintaining telecommunications networks, repairing utilities, or conducting hydro excavation projects, our vehicles are there to support Ventia every step of the way.  

Our partnership with Ventia goes beyond just supplying the team with equipment. Part of our commitment is unparalleled lifecycle support, meaning we support the product right through its life, ensuring our customers’ focus stays on the job at hand. This includes technical advice, maintenance, and backup, allowing Ventia to enhance productivity and safety on the job, avoiding any vehicle downtime.  

We are here to meet all your fleet requirements. Get in touch with our specialist Gareth Deck today or call 0800 60 60 61.