Case Study

Vortex Contracting

Ben Sexton’s Story 

It’s always awesome working closely with a company dedicated to delivering safer, quicker, and cleaner solutions to locate and expose underground assets, including gas, water, power, fibre optic, and phone cables. Vortex Contracting is a leader in this field, offering both Hydro Excavation and Traffic Management—two services that complement the specialist utility solutions we provide at Waimea Group. With locations in Blenheim, Christchurch, and Dunedin, Vortex Contracting handles civil construction projects of any size, ensuring quality and safety at every stage. No project is beyond their capabilities. 

The Challenge

Vortex Contracting was a new entrant in the market with ambitious growth plans. However, there was the challenge of limited capital, and Ben had the issue of being overstaffed yet was lacking the necessary high quality and efficient gear to fulfill the increasing job demand while adequately supporting his workforce. Ben was doing his best to stay afloat and needed a team to support him with his fleet demands, after sales support and finance packages 

The Solution

Ben was referred to Waimea Group by a friend in the industry as a trusted solution for specialist utility vehicles. He contacted them and was able to acquire several hydrovacs through their lease to own model, which helped him overcome the financial hurdle.  

Once reaching out Ben got the right specialist equipment which was tailored for the job to get it done efficiently, as Ben says, “good quality gear ties into the brand reputation”, which is so true leading to a key element of Vortex Contracting’s growth. Ben also found himself growing the traffic management sector of his business which was a win as he was able to easily purchase traffic trucks through Waimea Group as the same trusted provider.  

At Waimea Group, we are driven by Progression. We value the feedback and changes we receive from our customers such as Vortex, as they help us enhance the innovations on our equipment and boost their efficiency. So far Vortex has acquired 5 specialist vehicles through Waimea Group (2x Allvac® AV7000H Hydro vac, 1x Allvac® AV2000H hydrovac with 2 more Allvac® AV4000H Hydro excavators and on the way).  

We are delighted to see Vortex grow and thrive in the market with our help and the reliable equipment we provide for their fleet. Ben can now complete jobs faster and take care of his staff with the working capital and growth he has achieved. 

We have a really strong relationship with Waimea group and that is the success to how we’ve grown so quickly

Final Result

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