See an Arborist Unit Come To Life…

Jun 1, 2021

Here’s a new build coming to life! 

We’ve designed and built this specialist unit for global arborist client Asplundh, with 5 additional units for the company being completed by Waimea.  

Take a look inside our engineering workshop where these impressive machines are constructed from scratch and finished to perfection.  Many years of experience has provided us the knowledge required to design and build these turn key units that are compliant, reliable and fit for purpose.   

This build is everything an arborist needs in one smart package: This Versalift VO255 Over-Centre booms fits well on the Hino 500 6×4 and offers ample payload in the chip bin and all the on-board storage you need. Everything has a home including hydraulic pole saws, fuel and oil storage, climbing gear and of course chainsaws, not to mention fold down vise, compressed air outlets, and a hand wash station.

Interested in this unit? Reach out to our industry advisor Gareth Deck to discuss your specialist utility vehicle requirements and find out how easy it can be when you partner with the industry specialists

1. Cab and chassis is prepped and painted to specific customer colours 


2. Subframe and turrett is fabricated and mounted on the chassis


3. EWP turret, outriggers access platform and safety handrails are fabricated


4. Tipping chip bin is fabricated and installed on the subframe


5. Everything in place ready for the tool boxes to be fitted


6. All fabricated components removed for painting, and truck with headboard fitted arrives in assembly workshop


7. Painted fabrications arrive at assembly workshop for final installation on truck


8. Access platform and EWP turret are fitted in place


9. Over Centre boom is installed on the turret 


10. Chip bin is installed and assembly is well underway including hydraulics and electrics. Tilting cab protector is installed and final testing is about to begin


11. Branding and safety decals are added and LED lighting installed. Truck now ready for testing and compliance


Click here to view the completed build

Reach out to our industry advisor Gareth Deck to discuss your specialist utility vehicle requirements