Work smarter not harder with the Allvac® AV2000H Hydro excavator!

Oct 11, 2023

We’ve all heard the advice, “work smarter, not harder.” But what does it really mean for you in practice?

In today’s fast-paced and demanding economy, it’s essential to make efficient use of your time and energy to complete projects without burning out.

Working smarter is about finding the quickest and most effective way to get the job done while maintaining quality workmanship and avoiding downtime caused by equipment issues or using the wrong tools.

The underground utilities industry faces its share of challenges, but we have a solution for you. Our newly developed Allvac® AV2000H Hydro Excavator is compact, making it ideal for tight spaces often without the need for traffic management. It comes with an 800L water capacity and a powerful 3500 PSI high-pressure water blaster, simplifying spoil excavation. Plus, it has features like an overhead suction boom, a 1200 CFM blower, a 2000L spoil tank, a full rear door, tipping hoist, and spill tray for quick spoil disposal, this unit saves you valuable time.

Listening to our customers’ pain points we were able to scale up the AV850 trailer concept that had proved beneficial, but the need for more capacity in some applications was apparent so the AV2000H was born, a unit that combines all the great features from the AV850. The market needed something small, compact but with powerful vacuum abilities. We found that the Isuzu truck had a suitable wheelbase coupled with its automatic transmission and a Class 2 licence. With its overhead suction boom, hydraulic hoist, and rear door, we made it remarkably simple and easy to operate. With an increased 2000L capacity the AV2000H is more suited to larger jobs like power pole and street light pole excavations.

Say goodbye to manual digging, time wasted on spoil dumping, and messy job sites. Welcome the safe and efficient solution for non-destructive underground excavation with our Allvac® Hydro excavation units.

For more information about our Allvac® AV2000H Hydro excavator or other units in our range, contact Maska Lewis on 0800 60 60 61. Start working smarter today!