Allvac® 6500L on Isuzu FTR750 4×2

This compact low profile vacuum tanker is ideally suited to access domestic properties where customers expect a truck to go where their car goes.  

The Allvac® has a 6,500 litre 1,500mm diameter vacuum tank, steel, stainless steel, or aluminium, complete with full hoist and large 910mm rear door can carry out a large variety of jobs whether it be rural septic tanks, inner city grease traps or any other sump and debris work.

We have two vacuum pump options, firstly an Italian Moro 12,000L/min (430CFM) air cooled rotary vane pump or secondly a USA manufactured NVE-B500 vacuum blower (12,000L/min (430CFM), both are deep vacuum pumps. 

We have many options over and above our standard features, a water blaster option with 400L freshwater tank (The water tank must be emptied if the waste tank is full). Load level can be seen with a simple indicator on the driver's side of the tank, or a more comprehensive measuring device fitted inside the tank that displays a LCD readout in the cab. If the radio control handset is optioned as well, the handset shows a percentage of volume on its screen. The remote handset is capable of starting the vacuum pump, changing from vacuum to pressure, opening load and dump valves – great if you have 30 metres of vacuum hose out and you need to close the valve.  

If dangerous goods are carried other than the standard UN.3373 Infectious Substance, you can option the Placard Holders so different signage can be displayed. These units are capable of carrying classes 6 and 9 liquids.  

An odour Control device can be fitted which can be simply switched off or on depending on what products and environment you are operating in. This device mists fragrance into the exhaust of the vacuum pump.  

Mounted on an Isuzu FTR750 truck this is a short and compact unit with a very impressive turning circle and options of towing connections, alloy wheel upgrades and an Ali Arc 12mm heavy duty front bumper for extra protection. 

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